Monday, June 16, 2008

Wowzio Widgets Platform launched

As you might know, we launched blogsJam, a simple and fast web based RSS reader at the beginning of 2008. It received very encouraging feedback. Around the same time, we also launched a simple content widget. Since then, we have rolled out a couple more widgets, i.e. a slideshow widget, and a tagcloud widget. These widgets provide navigation tools to blog readers. Bloggers have really liked these widgets, and a good number of bloggers have installed these widgets on their blogs.

This has been very thrilling for us. It tells us that these widgets are indeed useful, and has led to us spending a lot of time working on building a widgets platform, which we are launching as Wowzio.

Wowzio widgets are based on open standards ( javascript, css ), and supports all blogging platforms that allow javascript to be embedded. The architecture is designed for high performance and scale from the ground up.

We invite you to come and check out Wowzio, our new widgets platform, and give us your feedback. We've posted a sample slideshow widget for the blog '' in the top right corner.

The BlogsJam Team

Thursday, February 21, 2008

blogsJam versus TrafficJam

We heard of the beta launch of TrafficJam this morning. We checked it out, and found the service to be delightful. We had ourselves soft launched blogsJam last week. These 2 services have some similarities, they both organize blog posts by topic/channel, and they are both web based blog readers. But there are also some differences between the two, so I thought I'd list them out in this post :

1. TrafficJam uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the popularity of blog posts ( based on clicks, time spend, etc. ), this is used to rank posts within a category. blogsJam has editorially selected the top blogs ( & bloggers ) and categorized their blogs into channels like 'Green Energy', 'India Technology', 'BollyWood' etc. Within a channel/category, the posts are ranked chronologically, with most recent first.

2. TrafficJam uses data from the BlogRush network, I think this implies that a blog needs to install the BlogRush widget, for its post to show up on TrafficJam. blogsJam has no such requirement, an editorial decision is made to whether a blog should be included in a given channel/category a priori.

3. TrafficJam's algorithm relies on feedback paths and needs a certain amount of aging. blogsJam pulls up blog posts in real-time, there's no delay in a blog being posted, and it appearing on blogsJam.

4. TrafficJam has build a product for a global audience, they cover a large number of blogs and aid in the discovery of good quality posts. blogsJam's intended audience is primarily comprised of Indian users, and the value proposition is the ability to read good quality blog posts fast, where the bloggers have been editorially pre-qualified.

These are just a few things I've noticed, needless to say, there might be others. I would like to congratulate TrafficJam on a delightful and very-cool looking product. I hope both these services contribute in their own unique ways to the ever-growing blogosphere ecosystem.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad go live

CitiPals continues its nationwide rollout with the recent launches of 5 new metros across India, namely Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad.

For those of you new to CitiPals, we are building a lifestyle oriented search engine for India. Besides able to find a restaurant, pub, disco or coffee bar, we also help you discover some of the hidden gems in your city. We do this by bubbling up reviews and recommendations from your friends.

So go on over to, review your favourite hangouts, and help out your friends discover exciting new places.