Saturday, December 1, 2007

Citipals reaches to Kolkata

"Good Friends, Good Times". Kolkatians now have a new web destination, its , the home url of CitiPals Kolkata. Whether you enjoy Kolkata's food & dining, its arts & entertainment, movies, or its night life, now you can come to, to find out what your friends opinions are about all these places in Kolkata. You can also share your thoughts and opinions with your friends. CitiPals's goal is to
connect you with your friends to help with everyday choices.

Opinions of reviewers are good but opinions from your "friends" are priceless to help you make the right choice. There's an implicit level of trust you associate with folks you know. CitiPals captures this and provides trusted recommendations by weighing in your social network higher. Opinions of folks in your social network are not only weighted higher as you peruse information on CitiPals, they are also displayed prominently along with your 'relationship map' to that user. Your social network on CitiPals comprises of friends ( and their friends, up to 3 degrees ) as well as users you trust. Over time, you might start trusting some users whose opinions have helped you, and/or whose tastes are similar to yours. These are users you trusts, and CitiPals allows you to mark them as "trusted reviewer", and include in your social network.

The notion of trust has been extended to the web at large, and is not just limited to reviews written on CitiPals. CitiPals has adopted the open model of web 2.0. Opinions are aggregated from the web and a CitiPals user can trust someone who writes on other publications, websites and blogs.

If you are a blogger, if you have discovered some hidden gems in Kolkata, or someone who would simply like to share your thoughts about places in Kolkata, head on over to and invite your friends to join you as well. Your reviews will be useful not only to your friends, but to the web community at large.

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