Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MovieMatch : A new Facebook App for Indians launches

Indians have a passion for cinema, Bollywood as well as Hollywood. CitiPals has just launched a Facebook app called "MovieMatch", that helps you compare your tastes in movies with your friends. Moviematch facebook app url is

"MovieMatch" lets you share opinions and reviews across a comprehensive set of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. The app has a 'Language Setting' thats lets you pick 'Bollywood only' or 'Hollywood only' movies, If you are a fan of both, you can pick 'Bollywood + Hollywood' movies. The app features rich content like experts reviews, video clips and photos.

To play MovieMatch, you rate/review a set of 25 movies from 5 categories (it takes only a couple of minutes). You can then compare your tastes with your friends and see how much you have in common. Now, when you read a review from a user who has played MovieMatch, you also know how your taste in movies match up with the reviewer's taste. If your tastes are aligned, you might be more inclined to trust this reviewer.

More about Facebook: Facebook, the fastest growing social network in the world is making big strides into the Indian market. There are 300k plus users from India on facebook. And an additional 500k to 700k Indians or users of Indian origins from other parts of the world are on facebook, bringing the target market of this app to a existing user base of approx one million users.

More about Citipals: There is a universal need to get advise, opinions and recommendations you can trust. is building a platform that processes and filters information specifically for you, to deliver recommendations, that you can trust. The web-site url for CitiPals is .

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