Friday, November 2, 2007

MovieMatch - compare your tastes in movies with friends

Ever wondered if you and your friends share the same taste in movies. If you knew that your tastes align well with a bunch of friends, you would be more inclined to trust their recommendation when a new movie comes out.

MovieMatch ( ) lets you compare your taste in movies with your friends.

Its simple. You rate/review a set of 25 movies from 5 categories (it takes only a couple of minutes). You can then compare your tastes with your friends (for fun), or any other user for that matter (more fun). Now, when you read a review from a user who has played MovieMatch, you also know how your taste in movies match up to this user.

We had been busy working on this for a while now, and are happy to make it available to you.
Needless to say, pl. provide your valuable feedback at

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