Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tracking & Instrumentation

We have instrumented with Google Analytics. You can get more information about it by following the link here. Just a couple of comments, the base level instrumentation is as simple as inserting a blob of javascript in the footer of your web pages. For advanced tracking, you can set goals ( like transactions on your website, etc. ), these require a bit more work. There's also consulting services that can help you with your advanced needs, the link to these professionals is on the analytics website.

These are the kind of foundational services that make operating a website simpler. The basic reporting is available on the website. And did i mention, this is free.

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Huey said...

Google Analytics is free up to 5 million impressions per month per account. Of course you can sign up for an Adwords account if the traffic surpasses that amount.

You're also providing Google with data on your users (which is only an issue if you're privacy conscious)and relying on their systems. But not really a bit deal for a small startup.

Cool site! Hoping to see more features and reviews!