Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fight Mail Spam with DomainKeys

I stumbled upon this standard to fight Mail Fraud and Spam, its called DomainKeys or DKIM( Domain Keys Identity Management ). To my pleasant suprise, I then found out that this standard was developed by Yahoo! ( where i worked prior to CitiPals ). This standard is currently adopted by a large number of Mail Service Providers including AOL, Microsoft, Google, Earthlink, etc. For more information, see .

And I am now finding out, that Yahoo! Domains does not support the TXT field in domain records, which is needed to implement DomainKeys if your domain is being served by Y!Domains. For a list of Domain providers that support the TXT field, see ( although i should add that i don't know how accurate this list is ).

FireBug - for your client side web development needs

This is a shout for Firebug, available at Its a Firefox plugin, that lets you work with and debug CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Its very intuitive and very useful, and we have used it to build our service. Kudos to the folks at Parakey for building such a useful tool.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tracking & Instrumentation

We have instrumented with Google Analytics. You can get more information about it by following the link here. Just a couple of comments, the base level instrumentation is as simple as inserting a blob of javascript in the footer of your web pages. For advanced tracking, you can set goals ( like transactions on your website, etc. ), these require a bit more work. There's also consulting services that can help you with your advanced needs, the link to these professionals is on the analytics website.

These are the kind of foundational services that make operating a website simpler. The basic reporting is available on the website. And did i mention, this is free.